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Loving Yourself and Putting Yourself First

Are you always looking to others to make you feel better, or do you think that money, accomplishments and accolades are the way to go? I have personally found this way of living my life to be deeply unfulfilling, and the worst part is that once something is attained, the validation that comes with it is quickly dissipated. It's an endless cycle of reaching outside of yourself to try and grab those good feelings that are only superficial at best.

I want to tell you that there is a better way - you don't have to keep living in a way that makes you feel empty and longing for a way to combat the hollow way you feel inside. The best way is to work on your relationship with yourself and to find ways to put the focus on what feels best for you and what matters the most to you. This is not a selfish thing to to, its actually imperative that we find ways to love and nurture ourselves so that we can find that fulfillment from the inside.

Do you need to stop and take some time for self care? Are there items on your calendar that could be postponed or dropped? Can you practice small self care actions such as taking a hot bath or going for a walk outside in the sunshine? Just for today, give one of these a try and begin to build a better relationship with yourself. I promise that it will improve your life on all levels because you will be coming from a stronger and happier place. Start today - you have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

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